Friday, January 16, 2009

Fabulous Friday on Frequently Feline: Meet Hopi

This little black kitty is one lucky guy. My pal Sharon, recently brought this feral kitten into her house and heart. Here is what Sharon wrote me about him:

"I took in one of my outdoor cats. He was getting bullied by some neighborhood cats, and since he is so passive, he doesn't fight back. He is all cleaned up and making himself right at home. His name is Hopi, with a long O.

After I named him, I learned that Hopi means The Peaceful One, which describes him perfectly. He is so loving and cuddly, its hard to believe he is a feral kitten".

So in honor of his rescue and his beauty, he has won the honor of being our Pet of the Week. ConCatulations to Hopi and Sharon.

Please leave apaws for both of them in a comment. Thank you!


Anonymous said...

Hopi is beautiful, but he looks so tired! Bless his little heart, and bless yours for taking him in and giving him a safe and warm place to rest.


Vicki said...

Hopi is so pretty. He sure doesn't look like ferel cat. A huge kudos to Sharon for giving him a new, loving home. And congrats on being Oet Of The Week.

Donna said...

Con'cat'ulations on Hopi...he's gorgeous and one of the luckies cats around to have been adopted by you. There are sooo many helpless kits out there...if only we could take care of them all. :::sigh:::


Sharon said...

Hi! Thank you Auntie Jo for making my little Angel Hopi POTW! He is so sleepy in this pic because he just got back from the vet and they had to clean up some bites on his back. But he is thriving now, and is enjoying the his new life wonderfully. Its been fun watching him adjust. Once I bring them in, they dont go back out. He is a gift for sure. he is so cuddly and playful. Ahhh-mazing. The best thing for any heart. ;-)