Friday, September 5, 2008

Does Sarah Palin Respect Our Wolves and Bears?

I am so very upset about this, I just had to blog about my feelings to get them out. What frightens me so much about this particularly nasty legislation which Ms. Palin supported as Governor of Alaska, is the scary thought should she inherit the Presidency, what other incredibly cruelty she may support with the power to veto bills which protect our wild life.

I will get off my soap box, but would love to hear your reactions to this video, and to the truth about how she really feels about the importance of our wolves and bears.


Have you ever heard of aerial hunting? It's a brutal practice. Wolves are shot from low-flying aircraft or chased to exhaustion, then killed at point-blank range.

Governor Sarah Palin, the Republican nominee for Vice President, promotes this barbaric practice, exploiting a loophole in the Federal Airborne Hunting Act to allow private wolf killers to shoot down wolves using aircraft. We have to get the word out about this!

Please watch this powerful video by Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund, and then share it with every wildlife lover you know:


Joanne said...

That Sarah Pallin really scares me. What scares me more is that everyone seems to be afraid of saying anything about her for fear of being called sexist. The democrats or people in general need to do something to stop her because if John McCain dies in office we are all in big trouble. Her animal right record is non- existant I hope her extreme views will be revealed so she will never get close to the presidency. IMHO

Anonymous said...

This really shocked me.

How could anyone with a heart sanction the slaughter of animals like this? It is highly disturbing, and I have to agree with what Joanne wrote.

It was very hard to watch the video, by the way.

Thank you for alerting us to this development.

Signed by an animal lover

Anonymous said...

I couldn't watch more than 5 seconds of the video. It tore my heart out. People like her should be put out in a open area and shot at from a plane. Lets see how much she would like it!
I am sorry, but it really made me very upset.

S.O. Katz said...

I honestly don't know what to say. I do not live in Alaska so I don't know what kind of situation the people are facing up there. I do not advocate hunting anything from a plane. I do know that as recent as this past week I had to shoot and kill a raccoon that was rabid. It was right on my front porch.
If the state of Alaska is having a problem with over population of wolves and bears it is news to me.
I will play devils advocate here and ask how easy is it to hunt over frozen ground to keep populations down and the alternative to arial hunting is what? Traps, shooting, poison, What. I am not defending this woman I just have not walked a mile in the people of Alaska's shoes.

Kestrel said...

For more on Sarah Palin's environmental record, see:

Vicki said...

Hmmm, do you not find it amazing that she didn't include any of her views on this in her acceptance speech? A seemingly inteligent woman is proclaiming war on wildlife in her own country? I am not aware of these animals causing problems for humans or other wildlife. Unable to protect themselves, they are killed from aerial shootings. And this woman is running for the second highest office in this country. It would seem to me that she should be more interested in turning her attention to babies born with Down Syndrome, or other pertinent birth defects, rather than inhumanly hunting down the precious wildlife of Alaska. In my opinion this woman is a dangerous political force.

Anonymous said...

Michael Markarian, the president of the Humane Society Legislative Fund, that lobbies for animal welfare,wrote a column in one of my favorite blogs
His article about this topic is cogent, factual, and one which tells it like it is. I was highly impressed.

Hope you will take a moment to visit, and learn more about this.

A caring wildlife lover.

lj (%) said...
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lj (%) said...

I lived in AK. years ago before Palin was Gov. there. I do have family that live in AK. still. My daughter, and her husband, who is a Park Ranger (protecting wildlife) are living there, and there is not a problem there with bears or wolves in the more populated areas. Certainly not one so bad that it would warrant this type of murder! Yes, this is murder! Hunting is a sport, and while I personally couldn't shoot an animal for the sport of it, you can't call "aerial hunting" a sport really, can you? I mean what can anyone find in this that is "sporting!" Like shootin' fish in a barrel! Totally unacceptable! Yes, it is murder, nothing less!

Palin went on TV, an ad I think it was, from her home is where it had been taped, I assume. Where she stands in front of her sofa, which has a bear skin rug draped over the back of it. While she proudly dons a fox fur stole wrapped around her neck! Disgusting! But glad she'd done so publicly! It alerted animal lovers of what she sees as okay! Lack of values. She has nothing to offer from my viewpoint. That was enough for me!

She lost a whole lotta votes when that one aired! I've not seen that again, and betcha we won't either! Helllooooo! Palin doesn't give a damn about the animals, or the environment.

But hey I hear she can balance her checkbook, she may be economically viable? Do ya think? Be afraid, be very afraid! GO OBAMA!

(prev. post deleted to add to it)

Not A PETA Fanatic said...


Your comment was incredibly useful to help animal lovers become more aware of the depth of her apparent lack of care for animals.

I don't know if she has house pets,and how she feels about them if she does, but blatantly exhibiting furs and a bear skin draped over her couch is downright disgusting. It certainly does speak to her priorities though, and animal rights is certainly not one of them.

Our planet is on the verge of great
upset and if we don't do everything possible to ensure its safety and longevity, our children and our granchildren will be inheriting a planet far different than the one I knew as a child.

If she is so God-loving and if she is being true to her professed creation-philosophy, God gave us the task to be the protectors of all animals. She is talking out of both sides of her mouth.

It is of course impossible to speak for God, but I am sure the creator of all life did not intend for us to murder animals in the way that she condones.

I completely understand hunting for meat in some areas where food must be gathered in this manner, but I shiver to see such blatant insensitivity and lack of compassion which she exhibits toward our wildlife.

Thanks so much for adding fodder to help educate folks to support the Obama ticket.

"Yes we can" is my daily mantra!

Anonymous said...

Here is one for you in Capatan, New Mexico. They have an elk ranch there. The herds were fed from the back of the truck (meaning hay in truck and thrown out to them....truck happy, I get fed) and doctored like cattle. This means human cotact. Then they sell hunts to 'city folk'. They are proud to allow the handicapped hunt from the back of a truck that they are used to seeing feed them for BIG BUCKS! I call this a massacre. Where do we stop the right from wrong. I am sad to say that horses are being terribly abused now that there are no slaugter houses to at least put them out of their misery. Oh my gosh! With tears in my eyes and confusion in my heart. American's what have we allowed? What is right now in 2008. Hay is so expensive horses are being dumped and dying terrible deaths because owners are not responsible and refuse to pay a vet to put them down. 'They died in their sleep.' I hear some say as they allow their older horses to suffer until death. Which is worse! Having a person allow their animals to suffer from old age until it finally falls or being killed at a slaughter house? It is terrible times. People have lost the feeling of love in their hearts and being able to be responsible for what they have taken on. So now I am forced to wonder....what is truly right for these animals that American's have forgotten about due to their own selfish lifestyle. I want more!!!!! And that is what it all comes down to! How about "I have enough" and take in a few more and try to make a difference? Just call me 'dazed and confused'.......where is our pride America! As for politics...they are full of more manure then all 17 of my animals! Support your local animal shelters and care for the horses in your areas please!~rc~

lj (%) said...
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lj (%) said...

Thank you Kestrel for the link!! Everyone on this thread please read the article from HSUS, I've blue linked it here! Says most all of it! Herer is the HSUS on Palin Please read, and pass onto all your contacts! Be afraid, be very afraid!! Check out that bear skin! Disgusting!

Thanks Kestrel, much appreciated!

Anonymous said...

So does this make me disguisting because I have a deer hide on my floor? America, people still hunt! The killing is alot quicker then the slaughter of a cow, pig or chicken that you eat daily. Not all hunters are BAD people. Maybe we should ban fishing also? I think this BLOG for pets should get back to our love for our pets and not politics. It just isn't in good taste. I also use leather to make alot of awesome items to wear, purses, medicine bags, clothing etc. Does this make me disguisting? If you think so then perhaps you should put your money where your mouth is and become a vegan. Just food for thought! Back to pets and fun and leave the b.s. of opinions on politics where they belong. This is sad as I once found this site fun to come to. This isn't fun anymore. How sad, from pets to politics... ~rc~...oh well, enjoy the politics and count me gone....riding!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one concerned about her treatment of wildlife. They are promoting the fact that she's a moose hunter. Not the image I want in the white house!

Anonymous said...

I actually voted for the McCain/Palin ticket. I am appalled at the treatment of the wolfs. I had no idea. I am disgusted and sick at heart over this. Too bad more people out of Alaska are not aware. HOuston, Texas