Sunday, September 28, 2008

Not So Silent Sunday: Protect Our Wildlife

Polar bear with cub. Credit: Scott Schliebe/USFWS

Frequently Feline is not intended as a political blog. It was created as a resource for all animal lovers. Nevertheless, as an avid animal lover myself, I feel strongly that I have the responsibility to share information from time to time that may appear to have "political" overtones. In writing about pending legislations which may help protect all animals, and even, from time to time asking folks to take action to ensure the welfare of horses, dogs, cats, birds and all living creatures, my mission is to disseminate important information.

Therefore, I walk a fine line this morning. In posting this entry. It is not my intention to take any political sides. However, I feel a strong need to share with our readers, some disturbing issues that will strongly affect our wildlife by putting them at great risk of great suffering and even possible extinction in an area of our beautiful country that remains pristine.

I don't know about you, but I passionately feel that the folks who will soon be taking over the reins of leadership of our beautiful country must, as part of their voting record, have demonstrated their concern and support for our environment. Their intention to ensure the protection of our endangered species must be visible. Our wildlife is precious and crucial in maintaining Nature's natural balance.

I personally feel that it is a "no brainer" to inform myself with all the facts to make wise decisions, which will affect the future of our endangered species. The animals cannot speak. We are charged with the responsibility to protect them.

Learn more about where our candidates stand on these issues and their voting records. The rest is up to you.

Will your concern about environmental issues play an important part as you cast your ballot on November 4, 2008? Leave a comment and share your thoughts.


Anonymous said...

I am concerned about our environment and preserving our wildlife.

While this may not be on the top of the list of priorities for many folks, for me, it is completely interwoven with all the other urgent and frightening events that are happening in our world today.

As we cannot separate our environment from any of the issues that we are facing today, it certainly gives me pause consider how our politicians stand.

Thank you for the information. It was very helpful to an undecided.

Anonymous said...

A very informative piece. Thanks so much for keeping us educated on all levels.

Anonymous said...

Environmental issues must play an important part in our voting decision. Thank you for posting these links.

Personally, I have no problems with hunting when done properly and for the right reasons. Shooting an animal from an aircraft just for the sole purpose of just killing it and collecting a bounty is NOT hunting.

Vicki said...

I realize that wildlife will not be the major factor from the voting public. But it should be considered because of the way this matter is being handled.I cannot support any candidate who not only has negative feelings about wildlie, but takes such actions against it.

Anonymous said...

I regard such actions as those of a terrorist. This person terrorizes blameless living beings and also terrorizes me (and anyone else who is appalled by such ignorant and brutal acts). I would not vote for a terrorist. Anyone who advocates killing blameless living beings, from the air no less, would not be someone I would trust to have my best interests at heart, or my safety!

Joanne said...

The republican vice presidential nominee is an embarassment. John McCain was one of the first to support the AHSPA in the senate - way before Hillary or Barack Obama who is a fairly recent supporter. How he picked her I have no idea and the fact she is a heartbeat away scares me to death. I realize that others may have different views but we must speak for those that have no voice.

Anonymous said...

Hunting for bounty is not a bad thing. I guess you have never seen what an over population of predators can do. I have friends in Alaska who are suffering from the over population of wolves. I have friends in other states that are suffering from over population of coyotes, and non-predator types too.
Alaska is so very vast that the only way to hunt safely is to aerial hunt. I know it looks terrible and I wish there was another way. The other choices are leg hold traps and poisoning. I don't think you would like that option either. When wolves invade a cabin, break in through windows and kill the sled dogs INSIDE the cabin that is not good.
I understand how you all feel and I don't like the killing of animals at all but if I am plagued with an over abundance of predators I WILL shoot them too.
The cry of all the animal lovers about the fur industry has virtually stopped the hunting of predators for their pelts. Now these predators have no natural enemies to keep their numbers under check. It is the same with small game that were trapped for their pelts. No trapping means an over population and now many areas are plagued with rabies.
You cannot have it both ways friends.
I am tired of people choosing a candidate because of color, sex or their animal rights records. Please, please look at the person's whole record instead of whether he or she is animal friendly, democrat or republican. So much more is at stake. I wish this government would just dump the republican and democrat moniker and just run as people. Then the staunch political lines would not cause blogs like this.
Freedom of the press allows me to post this reply. Please do not block it.

kneadstoknow said...

Comment to anonymous posting on 9/29/08.

We have messed up our environment so drastically that it is unlikely that it will recover. If the balance of nature was something in which we, as the human species protected, historically, we would not have this fragile ecology

It disgusts me to see bearskin rugs, on the floor or furniture spread out as a trophy. Canned hunts in the United States, particularly in Florida do not seem to me to be in any way humane or fair. Hunting out of necessity or to cull out the sick and injured animals, or those in danger of starvation is one thing... But to do it to hang the head of a beautiful animal upon the wall is another.

With our actions we have caused a tremendous imbalance in our world in so many ways. We need to find our way back to a balance otherwise our children and grandchildren will only be able to read about endangered species. If we had not ruined our environment, preditors would kill prey and not invade our homes for food, or become a serious threat in our neighborhoods. It is we who have created this situation, not the animals. Pilaging our rain forests, destroying habitat? What do you say to that, my friend? We are raping our planet!

Now THAT would be a real tragedy.
Why in the world would I remove your post? Just because we disagree does not give me the right to silence dissenting opinions, as long as they are presented the way in which you wrote your comment.