Friday, September 19, 2008

Fabulous Friday on Frequently Feline! Happy Bird-Day

Pictured: Kim and two of the three rescued chickens

These beautiful chickens can give thanks to Kim, rescuing them and saving their lives. She found them while riding Raven, one of her favorite horses. Someone had dumped three of them into the canyon, apparently not giving a thought to their safety.

It was a blessed event for these guys who have a new lease on life! For sure this was not a poultry feat! It rates high in my book as eggactly the perfect thing to do. Thanks, Kim.

So lets give a big thumb's up for Kim and her big heart! They are definitely Pet of the Week material.


Kathy said...

Good going, Kim. You will be blessed for rescuing God's creatures.

lj (%) said...

Way to go Kim!! Kudos to you!! I was just thinking about all the other slaughtered animals the other day. Someone had asked me since I cared so much about the slaughter of horses, what about the other animals, chickens, sheep, pigs, etc. Out of all of 'em I think the chickens are probably the most abused of all!! It's so sad! So I had to comment here on your great good deed!! Bless your heart!!

Anonymous said...

Amen...and God bless you for saving them! Your efforts won't go unrewarded!

Anonymous said...

My heart cried when these poor little guys came out from hiding in the tall grasses they couldn't walk through. Raven found them due to their trust in a horse and her not knowing what a chicken was. She had fun watching them before we headed off into our great beyond. Raven enjoys being 'one with' and is quite the high to have for a horse! After our mountain ride we went back and there they still were. I drove home and unloaded her and gathered up my hubby and best friend to meet me and help catch these innocent beauties. It took until dark but we captured all 3. I then called another friend of St. Francis and she blessed them with a chicken coup to reside in for the rest of their new countryside of life, life! Thanks Jo for entering this. Times are hard people. Because of times being as they are I rather ride then listen to the real life scary stuff. To me finding animals in need of being rescued is scary enough. We need to eduacate people about caring for animals and when they can't, just don't dump them thinking they can make it on their own! This is called abuse and at it's worse! Animals don't just die in their sleep either. A person who will tell you this knows that animal was ill so why did they allow it to suffer until it did die? These things bother me....~rc~

Vicki said...

Kudos to you Kim. These two will have a very blessed life thanks to you.

annie! said...

many, many, many kudos to you kim for rescuing those 3 chickens! it's such a shame that people can be so cruel to such defenseless animals and just dump them in the middle of nowhere.

here in the country, the chickens and roosters from the next property come to our plcae every day, several times a day, to eat. makes me wonder if their owners ever feed them.

but, we have no problem feeding them. and after all this time, noe of the roosters is comfortable enough with us that he doesn't even flap off if we go outside to put out food for them.