Sunday, September 7, 2008

Silent Sunday on Frequently Feline: The Swimmer!

This little kitty I found on YouTube, may be giving the all time Olympic Gold Medal Swimmer, Michael Phelps, a "splash" for his money! Sure gives a total different meaning to "laps."

Enjoy this feline's antics in the safety of his fur parent's bathtub!

Don't you think this video is the "cat's meow?" Leave a comment and share!


Kathy said...

How cute!! I think it is amazing how kittens turn everything they find into a toy, even a tub of water.

Vicki said...

My goodness gracious! In all of my years I have never seen ANY cat play in water. Poor little thing, I don't think he knows he is a cat. But he sure is a cute one!

Anonymous said...

How cute! He sure takes after his larger feline counterparts like Tigers that actually like water. This kitten just couldn't be cuter!

Anonymous said...

He looks as if he's having a good time! At first I thought he was playing with a toy, but then I realized that he has one orange foot. This is something you don't see every day.


Anonymous said...

Now that is precious! My cats will play in a dry bath tub, but never one with even a drop of water in it.

Nancy said...

Now that couldn't be any cuter!!! What an adorable little kitty!!! Most cats are terrifeid of water. This one must have been introduced to it at a very early age. I have one that loves the hair dryer turned on her. She comes just a-running when she hears me turn it on. She had many baths as a kitten as she was a stray with ringworm. I think it is a good idea get them used to things like water and hair dryers if the owner plans to bathe them.