Sunday, May 31, 2009

Silent Sunday on Frequently Feline

The first thought that popped into my head while I was watching this cute kitty video, was the song from Gilbert and Sullivan's famous operetta, "The Mikado", was "Three Little Maids From School". Now please don't ask me why . . . sometimes I have strange associations to things.

So with no further amew, let me share it with you.

But if you listen carefully there is faint "oriental" music in the background. Maybe my association was purely unconscious? What do you think? Leave a comment and let me know.


Donna said...

How adorable! I had to take my mother and her 11 year old Boston Terrier to an emergency vet yesterday..he has a ruptured disc. Naturally, she's not coherent enough to take care of him, so my brother has him (two point for him, I guess). Jake has to stay confined to a cage for 3 weeks, only coming out to do his "business"...Mom had the vet instructions wrong from the time we drove from the vet home. Naturally is was a totally 4000% percent stressful 3 hours. I personally thought the vet would suggest putting him down (he's 11) but the Dr. said 90% of folks try this first. Emergency visit, 4 shots, 3 prescriptions. Bill? Only $155. This guy has a heart for animals. If I'd taken her to the Emergency place on Red Bank, it might have been $500! or MORE!

At the vet's they had KITTENS! They get them from a shelter up in Dayton who keep them until they're old enough to be adopted. One litter (5 or 6 black and tuxedo's looked to be about 6-8 weeks old)...the other 3 kittens were tabbies....stole my heart, but NO, I didn't come home with one.

The three kittens on your video today at least made me smile...I'm still stressed out!

Amy said...

Adorable! Put a smile on this old face this morning. Keep them coming I love them.

Vicki said...

How adorable are these kittens? I love this video and it really put a smile on my face. They are just too cute.

jmuhj said...

These three marmalade tabbies are adorable -- as are all cats, large and small. Thanks for sharing! Definitely made me go "AWWWWWWW!"