Friday, May 1, 2009

Fabulous Friday on Frequently Feline: Needs a Caption

I get so many photographs of cats that sometimes I misplace both the cat and the cat's servant's names. But this kitty was just so adorable that I was compelled to post her picture. This being said, the photo needs a caption, of course

Don't you think she is just as cute as she can be? I just love her looks and of course, her very inviting position! What do you think? Please leave a caption in a comment.


Death Puppet said...

Why?! Why can't you just let me laze about!!!!

I was reading your profile as well. And I have a passion for cats as well. I love animals, especially rodents for me. And I was reading about finding your 'writers voice' that is what I am currently trying to do, someday I would love to write for a magazine, but I am using my blog to practice on. So yes, Above is my comment, not very creative, but that is all I thought when I saw the picture. Hope I was helpful!


Carol said...

I am waiting for my breakfast to be served, and then my daily grooming.
This is an adorable cat in waiting.

jmuhj said...

"HEY, Big Boy! Why don'cha...come up and SEE ME sometime?!"

Amy said...

"You KNOW Fridays are my spa day!"

Anonymous said...

"rub here"

Babz said...

OMG I thought it was our Walter when I saw the picture..they say every human has a double, every cat must have too. That is amazing, the nose the paws and the tummy are identical!

if it was Walter he'd say "Come and kiss my tummy" and when I did he would claw my head haha.