Friday, October 30, 2009

Fabulous Friday on Frequently Friday: Become a Farmer

While Fridays are devoted to pet of the week on Frequently Feline, I just had to share something that tickled my funny bone this morning. Marty, my husband, stopped me in my tracks while I was about to start my morning litter box patrol. He laughingly said to me, "You have been featured in the NEW YORK TIMES this morning." Of course I was taken aback and wondered what that was all about. Had I been finally "discovered"?

Apparently my addiction to a Zygna game on Face Book is one that is being shared by over 67 million people. I listened in fascination as my husband read to me the article he had just downloaded onto his Kindle, laughing so hard, identifying with each of the statements made. Aren't electronic gadgets amazing?

While I do not go so far as some folks, who carry their laptops around with them so as not to miss harvest or planting time, I could totally feel a rush of compassion for these highly motivated cyber farmers. I particularly loved a comment made by a pregnant woman who was longing for ice cream; her husand letting her know in no uncertain terms that she would have to wait until he finished harvesting his raspberries.

So what does this have to do with cats? FarmVille has not yet added felines to the rather extensive choice of farm animals which may be purchased for farm coins or cash,or given as gifts to friends and neighbors, but the other popular Zygna game, Farm Town has developers who totally "grok" the necessity of cats on farms. Domestic animal lovers can also place dogs on their farms to keep those pesky foxes at bay.

I highly recommend these games to Face Book users! Tending to one's crops and farm animals can put players into almost a meditative state. It is relaxing, fun and for sure gives players the opportunity to plant beautifully creative farms, milk cows and goats, harvest duck feathers,horsehair and angora wool.

You can meet lots of friendly folks who are eager to help their neighbors care for their farms.

There are pink and brown cows which yeild flavored milk and a few suprise animals that pop up now and then that need to be adopted.

Watch the Zygna video to learn more about this very engaging game.

Hope you enjoyed this little production!


Margie said...

Is "grok" a good thing?? LOL

Vicki said...

Law Honey! I am totally addicted to this game. I am hoping they will add more things in the near future. It is so much fun!

kneadstoknow said...

To Margie,

"grok" is the total understanding of something even as deeply as on a cellular level:) LOL

jmuhj said...

Short or long "o"?

Anonymous said...

Ohh facebook is totally awesome I'm into it finally. It's very time consuming but a lot of fun. I've adopted a pig called 'oink' and wud luv to see some cats on farms as needed to keep mice away.