Friday, October 23, 2009

Fabulous Friday on Frequently Feline: Meet Tucker

The other day a friend from Maine emailed me with an attached photo of Tucker, his daughter Heather's 16 month- old Maine Coon mixed breed. In this photo, Tucker is being held by Heather's fiance, Dave who may be doing some weight lifting exercises.,

Heather rescued Shadow, (Tucker's mother) from the street in New Haven, as a scraggly and very underweight cat. After much needed veterinary care, and some tender love in her new home, Heather noticed that Shadow was putting on weight in her belly area.

Sure enough Shadow was pregant and soon gave birth to three adorable kittens. Two were shorthairs, and the longhaired kitten, a special baby kit, was named Tucker. His two sisters were adopted by a friend, but Tucker had woven his magic spell into her heart and home.
Tucker has many Maine Coon traits and loves to play in water. He and his mother communicate with the famous Maine Coon " coos". And while Tucker is by no means a small cat, since Maine Coons can take up to 5 years to fully mature, Heather thinks that Tucker may get "even more enormous".

Shadow must have been putting out those "rescue me" vibes and Heather heeded the calls. NowTucker and Shadow are absolutely adored in the way that all cats deserve.

Tucker is our Pet of the Week so please leave a round of aPAWs, conCATulating Tucker and his caring human "mom" as well by leaving a comment for them.


Vicki said...

I am so glad Heather gave Tucker such a nice home. Big Congrats to both of you for being Pet Of The Week.

jmuhj said...

ConCATulations to handsome Tucker for being POTW! He richly deserves it. What a leonine guy! And as I know from sharing life with a sweet Maine Coon man, those "coos" will win hearts instantly; if the manes and tails don't getcha, the sweet voice and purrs will!

Amy said...

Way to go Tucker! Congrats on being "Pet of the week"! Your going to be one big cat and handsome to boot.

Donna said...

Oh, I love Tucker! I've never had a 'purebred cat'...just "mutts" (the best kind imho) that find ME! But someday, I'll get me a Maine Coon. Dew was one, and registration was still open for them at the time, but I never bothered to register him. He had all the attributes save the size...including "toe fur" that would grow 3/4" long. I trimmed it once...MISTAKE! lol

Babz said...

Tucker is a gorgeous cat and I'm glad his mum had the good sense to find a home and family to care for her and her babes. He's a fine figure of a cat but if I were him I'd object a bit to being held up like a wet fish and meow my demand to be treated with a bit more dignity.

belinda-tang said...

Hear, hear!!!