Friday, February 20, 2009

Fabulous Friday on Frequently Feline

It is with a great deal of pleasure that I introduce this gorgeous Ragamuffin kitty with a very fancy name; Café Mocha Valencia, who is not a calico. She is a Seal Mink Tortie and White.

Adopted by Laura, at an event the shelter to which she volunteers- Purrfect Pals, as Mocha fell in love with Laura from the git go. It was, of course a mutual feeling, with a strong and powerful relationship building from the start.

Sadly, Mocha was surrendered to the shelter due to inappropriate elimination, one of the leading causes of pets being returned to shelters, or abandoned. After some research, Laura discovered that Mocha's former owner, a mean spirited kid, had been cruel to her, causing her to become frightened and anxious. So Laura saved her life, and Mocha contributes so much pleasure and love to her new human "pawrent" and the other pets who share Laura's home.

Mocha is a show girl and loves the limelight. She is currently the #1 Household Pet in the TICA Northwest region and #4 Internationally.

So lets give Mocha and Laura a round of apaws upon her win of Pet of the Week on Frequently Feline. ConCATulations to you both.


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful cat, I do enjoy these photos every week.
Ruth xx

Samantha said...

Oh, how lovely!
Just a gorgeous cat and I am so thankful that Mocha and Laura discovered one another. :)

Vicki said...

What a beautiful cat, and a beautiful story. Congrats to Laura and Mocha.

Ian said...

What a beautiful cat. I used to do a bit of work for a cat charity in Saudi Arabia. you're doing a great job.

Rani said...

I have seen this striking Ragamuffin on YouTube a number of times and she is really unusual. Not just for her looks but for her temperament. She loves everyone including the huge dog and ferrets she lives with. And when she's in a show, the judges all fall in love with her.

I am sold on the Muffins... I would possibly consider a RagDOLL for my next cat, but that's as far from a Muffin as I'll go, LOL

Rani (& Baby, a cream cameo Ragamuffin)

Anonymous said...

Aww Mocha says "Thanks!" The show season ends at the end of April. We have three more shows - one here in the Seattle area and two in Canada. Hopefully she'll earn enough points to broaden her lead as 1st. Also hope to move up to 2nd or 3rd Internationally. She's a wonderful cat. She's also grown back a horrible shaved down coat - the owner had her in lion coat. Ragamuffins don't even mat!!!
If you want to see more pics of her go to

- Mocha's owner Laura

Donna said...

What an absolute beauty...right now all my cats are shorter haired (probably better for my allergies) but I'd LOVE to have another Maine Coon someday. Congratulations on such a magnificent cat!

Anonymous said...

Mocha looks like a true princess. Congratulations!


Joy, a.k.a. "Kitty Mamma" said...

A round of applause for Laura! Imagine--a cat treated with love and care goes from inappropriate eliminator to show kitty! Hurrah!