Friday, February 13, 2009

Fabulous Friday on Frequently Feline: Meet Walter

One of my passions is contributing to the cat community at Yahoo Answers. But not only do I enjoy helping folks, the biggest "perk" for me is meeting new people and building friendships.

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to connect with a lovely lady from the other side of the "pond", who loves in England. It is amazing how the Internet shrinks the planet, making it possible for folks to connect. Ruth and I quickly discovered that we have a lot in common and, of course swapped photos of our cats. Both of us are July babies, so it had to follow suit that Walter, one of her felines, was born on July 25, 2001.

I fell in love with one of her kitties, Walter, who was named for the street on which he was born. With such an intelligent and beautiful face, it was not difficult at all to claim him as our Pet of the Week. And since today is Friday the 13, for extra luck I chose a black and white kitty.

So please do leave a conCATulary comment for Walter, and Ruth, his feline servant.


Anonymous said...

Hey that's my brother ! I'm a handsome chap too you know, but it's OK, I won't purr-tend to be jealous. Since our granma Eb died who was top cat,we has to share the job as we never can decide who is the boss now !
Butties and purrs
Jozef aided and abetted by his half a mammie Ruth x

Anonymous said...

oh my goodiness! that be my cuzin Walter who face i be seeing on the iNTERNET! i LIVES next door to Walter and a handsome fellow he is too, and so is his brother Jozef. Perhaps one day Walter will write some tails for you,he has plenty to tell - Kizzy mitchell

Donna said...

Concatulations, Walter, you are a smart looking chap indeed!

Chester and the gang

Anonymous said...

What a handsome fellow Sir Walter is!


Amy said...

What a handsome little gentleman. Welcome to petside and congrats on being "pet of the Week".