Sunday, October 5, 2008

Silent Sunday on Frequently Feline: Creative Cat Toy?

I am not so sure about this "free and creative" cat toy that ZackScott has suggested. While it costs little, financially, and one can groom a cat and reap the rewards, I just wonder about its safety should your cat ingest it.

Cat lovers out there, please leave a comment with your considerations.


Vicki said...

Even though the kitty looks like he is having a great time, I'm not so sure I would let my cat play with it without supervision. I would think that if they ingested it, they may get sick.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...I can't see a cat actually eating that, so where's the harm? Maybe a better design would be to stuff a short length of nylon stocking with the cat's hair. That way, it would still smell like the cat, and the cat could bat it around for a long time, but the hair would be contained and not likely to be ingested.

I'm going to try it and see how my cats like it. They always love chewing on the brush after I've used it on them, and I'm of the opinion that the reason they like doing that is because the brush smells familiar.


Cindi said...

not too bright of a about a super hairball !!!

Anonymous said...

Absolutly no way would I ever think of that as a toy for my cats! I think it is a very dangerous idea.

Kathy said...

I really am not concerned about my cat ingesting the rolled up hair. None of my cats have ever chewed on or eaten a toys like my dogs have. Usually, they prefer to roll around with and cuddle up to toys or just bat them around like the cat in the video.
Now, at 18 1/2, though, my remaining cat really doesn't play with toys anymore. If she were younger, I might try this toy.


Rani said...

The main reason I brush the cat is to get the excess fur off so that he doesn't get hairballs when he grooms himself. So now I should give him the fur back, to put it in his mouth? I don't think most cats would think that's a great toy but with cats, ya never know!


Margie said...

No way would I try this. I have several cats and could make dozens of "toys" daily out of what they shed. However I do have one cat that will eat anything that resembles a tuff of fur.