Friday, October 10, 2008

Fabulous Friday on Frequently Feline! Meet Essie

Essie was born in the country, but is now a city kitty. Once the the runt of the litter, Janis, working together with her vet assures us that Essie's diminuitive size may be temporary once she is rid of parasites.

Janis is being kept busy with her new "baby." Since Janis was thinking it was time for her to get a kitty, Essie arrived just in time.

At eleven weeks old, Essie weighs in at about a pound and a half. Her former owners claimed that she was 11 weeks old, but her vet suspects she is younger.

Wearing a rainbow of colors, Essie's vet calls her a Calico with brindle mix. Her coat pattern is quite unique, don't you think?

So please join me in welcoming Janis back to kitty servitude, and conCATulate Essie as our Pet of the Week, by leaving a comment.


Vicki said...

Well she is certainly a beautiful kitty. I don't thik i have ever seen one with these markings. Congrats for being pet of the week.

Joanne said...

She sure is a sweet thing. Best of luck to her and her new Mommy!

Anonymous said...

Essie certainly is a beautiful kitten. Ever heard that the sweetest things come in the smallest packages?


Janis said...

Essie says thank you for such a warm welcome. :-) She's on her third day of medication and doing real well. The grandkids are here today and she is showing them a good time. When she gets tired of them she goes under the bed. LOL She woke me up this morning at 6:00 AM patting my head and messing with my hair all the while purring like crazy. I think she accepts me as her people. My husband came home yesterday and saw her for the first time and she laid on his lap with my grandson and all 3 went to sleep. LOL I wish I had thought to get the camera. Oh well, I will next time. It's going to be fun around here.

Anonymous said...

Essie knows she has a good home. Critters seem to sense when their lives are being saved. I am sure she will provide alot of fun and laughter in your home.

Kathy said...

What a beauty!!

Welcome, little one.


Indigo said...

Oh Essie is completely adorable, she is definitely a heart melter. Finally caught up to you dear friend. I'm now on this side of the Blogsphere. Wanted to pop in and say Hi! (Hugs)Indigo