Friday, August 15, 2008

Fabulous Friday on Frequently Feline: Meet Breeze

Breeze is being such a good girl in the round pen. I am sure that her human companion, Kim, is thrilled with her progress. Such a sweet little mare, this girl is going to go places, I am sure!

She has been chosen as my "Pet of the Week" for her beauty and her fabulous personality.
Let's congratulate both of them with a comment.


Vicki said...

Breeze is such a pretty girl, and congrats to her and Kim for being pet of the week.

Anonymous said...

Oh Thanks! The Breeze is always one of my favorite pets of every week here at tha Wanna B Ranch. After many set backs last year ( back broke in 4 places and 2 other accidents) I was afraid I wouldn't be able to start The Breeze under saddle. Being 50 she is my last horse to (I don't call it breaking a horse)relationship bond with. This picture was taken 5 minutes after I saddled Breeze for her first time! She took to her free style round pen work like a pro.
I cry for the horses. They just aren't as popualr as they once were. Perhaps the high price of feed and what all goes along with properly caring for a horse. I don't see them out riding anymore. Our town that once was rodeo, horse show oriented, now has ONE place that has a show. Our highschool rodeo team consists of 2 families now for the jr. rodeos! But I hope times will change for these majestic beings. What a high it is to be on top of such beauty that can weigh 1000 pounds and have them carry you with pride into adventure land. And even before you can ride them, to bond and look at life together is so much fun! Horses are my life. They have been since a child. Thanks Jo for sharing my Breeze. Please people, even if it is a neighbors horse get a bit of the 'call of the wild'. Pet them, look into their eyes amd listen to their stories. Horses are very emotional. They need our love and support now. If you can afford to help a rescue group in your area please do so. Maybe they just need somebody to groom, or money to help with their care. Make a difference in their time when our horses truly need it! Many thanks! ~rc~ GOD BLESS!!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, Breeze is a beautiful girl. Living near the "Wanna B Ranch" we get to see her once in a while. She has grown so much these last few months. Breeze is a reflection of her owner, which goes far to explain why she is such a beautiful girl!