Friday, April 17, 2009

Fabulous Friday on Frequently Feline-Pet of the Week Meet Chester

Chester is a very handsome boy! I love his facial expression and how regally he sits surveying his environment . . . or he is checking out one of the other felines that occupies my friend Donna's house.

No matter what he is thinking, I just had to make him our Pet of the Week.

Let's leave some resounding apaws for Chester and Donna on his stellar win, in a conCATulary comment.


Vicki said...

Well big coongrats Chester for being Pet Of The Week. I would love to know what he is thinking about whatever he is looking at. Such a beautiful guy!

Anonymous said...

Chester is a very handsome chap ! Look at those eyes, he's almost human !!!

Donna said... could I have missed that? MY Chester, pet of the week!

He DOES have the most expressive eyes, I have pictures of him where they are just mesmerizing.

He's enjoyed my being on vacation this week...He's a love.


msanderson said...

How fascinating. I own Sugar who was a star some months ago. Donna commented that she looked like her Chester. I haven't been on the site since that time and just logged on to see the cat for today. There was Chester! I'm assuming it is the same kitty as he and my Sugar do indeed look very much alike. And, I am sure that Chester is every bit as sweet as Sugar. Congratulations Chester and Donna!