Friday, December 12, 2008

Fabulous Friday on Frequently Feline: Meet Nick

Which is more important, beauty or brains? Luckily Nick, this very attractive blue shorthair kitty, does not have to make that choice. Happily, neither does Sondra, his kitty servant who is has gotten used to his many talents.

Obviously, Nick is well versed in logging onto the Internet to do his shopping. His taste in little environmentally friendly"beds" is quite aesthetic, don't you agree?

So to honor our high I.Q. feline, we have chosen his as Pet of the Week! Please do leave a conCATulatory comment for Sondra and Nick, as I am sure that he will be launching his cattop to bask in his 15 minutes of fame.


Anonymous said...

I see Nick loves too :)

Hiya there Nick! :)

Anonymous said...

Sondra here (Nick's staff manager), and I can tell you that he is truly a catman of many talents. His latest accomplishment is going into the bathroom in the middle of the night and closing the door. Of course, he has not learned to open said door to come out, so he has a very annoying habit of scratching on the door until someone wakes up to answer his bidding.

But we love him anyway!


Donna said...

I think all my cats are beautiful...however MissyToe was sort of an 'rugly kitten'...a dilute tortie...go to any shelter and you'll see the tortie's (mostly black with some red splotches and some white in there somewhere) are most often overlooked when it comes to adoption. It kills me that these cats are overlooked because they're not what most people consider beautiful in a cat. Missy grew into a BEAUTIFUL girl...I neve thought much about it, loving her anyway, until I was talking to a friend in the driveway and Missy got up into the cat tree by the window. He said "Wow...look how beautiful that one is!" When I adopt a cat, I don't go with any 'ideas' on what I want. Like when I adopted Mouse, he came out of no where at the shelter and sat on my shoulder as if it say "MOM! Thank goodness you're finally here." I looked at the other kittens, but never could get Mouse out of my mind. I went back into his room with all the other cats and again, out of nowhere, he comes to sit on my shoulder. I can't tell you how much he loves me, he has to be near me constantly and demands a hug when I get home, and when I get up. If you want a cat, go to a shelter and get a "mutt". Spend time with them, and let someone pick you out. You won't be sorry. (um, gotta go, Mouse is in my lap and wants some lovin!)

Kathy said...

Cheers for Nick who looks happy and content in his new home.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful kitty! I have had several gray cats in my life and each holds a special place in my heart.
Congrats on being chosen pet of the week.

Anonymous said...

Sondra here again (Nick's Mom). Both of my cats are rescued cats. Nick was dropped off at our clinic as a scrawny little 4 pound kitten with a broken leg and a skinned up face. Not too pretty at the time, but I knew immediately that he was mine. I immediatel had the surgery done to pin his leg, and now he doesn't even have a slight limp. (It's said that there's no such thing as a "free" cat, and that's SO true!)

Grace, my second rescued cat, was adopted from an amazing animal shelter in the Piedmont of North Carolina. She is asthmatic and takes medication for that every day.

Both of them are blessings to us, and we love them dearly. We've had them for five years and wouldn't trade them for anything.