Saturday, November 22, 2008

HSUS Exposes Puppy Mill Sales

The Humane Society of the United States has just completed an eight month long investigation into puppy mill cruelty. This is one of the biggest projects they have undertaken thus far in part of a series designed to expose the cruelty of puppy mills, and dog auctions.

I was startled by the results of their study which was posted on the Humane Society Legislation Fund's blog, Michael Markarian reported the findings of this recent study involving over 20 Petland pet stores. Petland is one of the largest chains of stores in the country. HSUS learned that Petland is selling puppies purchased from abusive puppy mills from Missouri and across the mid-west. But what is even more outrageous, according the HSUS, is that Petland staff is telling customers that the puppies for sale are obtained from reputable breeders, who provide the best care for their stock. HSUS also reports that Petland staff continues the deception by strongly denying any connection with puppy mills and telling potential buyers that they only deal with the best of kennels. Some of Petland's puppies are also obtained from brokers and middlemen, with the information about the breeders only learned after the puppies have been shipped to the stores.

HSUS adds that with over 140 Petland stores across the United States, tens of thousands of puppies are sold every year, which are purchased from unethical facilities, which are only in the business for the money, and who care little about the dogs they are producing.

What is more upsetting is that people who are purchasing these puppies, which of course fill the coffers of these unprincipled puppy mills, trust Petland staff to be honest. HSUS strongly feels that Petland should not be supporting this industry and should emulate leading retailers like PETCO and Pet Smart which have set responsible policies for their pet sales, and work in tandem with shelters, adoption agencies and rescue groups.

My opinion is that The Humane Legislative Fund needs to be congratulated for the work they are doing to build public awareness and to lobby for policies which may put an end to the horrible abuses which is rampant in the puppy mill industry.

You can read Petland's response to HSUS by visiting: Petland Information.

Watch the video uploaded to You Tube by HSUS to learn more about Petland's dirty little secret. You can help by contacting Petland's corporate headquarters to let them know about your concern for puppy mills. Ask them to stop selling puppies procured from puppy mills and to join alongside with retailers who are ethical. Together we can make a difference. Petland Corporation:250 Riverside Street,Chillicothe, Ohio 45601:(740) 775-2464,(800) 221-5935

What is your stand on pet stores selling puppies? Leave a comment with your thoughts.

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Jo Deibel said...

I am SHOCKED to say the very least. Thank you for writing about this and I am forwarding in our newsletter!

Jo Deibel

Anonymous said...

We don't have Petland in my area but there are places like "Puppy Corral". They claim to have quality, vet checked puppies which is far from the truth. I've always thought it was great that Petco and Petsmart don't sell puppies or kittens and support the local rescues.

Vicki said...

We do not have a Petland in my area and I guess it's a good thing. If we did, I would be in business to put them out of business. This should not be allowed and I can't believe that such a business is allowed to operate.

Indigo said...

I've never condoned puppy mills! If you need to have a specific breed, I've always encouraged people to find someone who raises the pups one litter at a time. To go see where they grow up, how they are entertained, fed, groomed.

For me it's never about breed, I will always first and foremost go to a shelter and rescue a dog. Rescues never asked to be abandoned and throw aways. (Hugs)Indigo

Nancy said...

Absolutely disgusting!!! I HATE this!!! I don't believe in breeding dogs to sell....there are too many in shelters now needing homes! A shelter pet is just as good as a purebred pet! And I doubt if these dogs from puppy mills are purebreds to begin with. Such a sick world when money takes precedence over life, whether it be human life OR animal life!

People talk about me for having so many pets, but mine are loved, clean, well-fed, healthy and get regular vet care! At least they are no longer running the streets or being put to sleep at the shelter!

People need to band together and, AS A WHOLE, we could put an end to ALL puppy mills! These people need more than just a slap on the wrist! Put them behind bars to live in the same manner they made these poor dogs live! And LIFE sentences with NO parole for all offenders!!! I would choose the death penalty for them myself, but they need to endure, FIRST HAND, the same treatment they thrust upon these poor defenseless dogs and puppies! THIS REALLY MAKES MY BLOOD BOIL!!!!!

GREAT POST!!!!! I'll be sure to pass it on, you can bet on that!!!!

Anonymous said...

Nancy said all. I could not have put it any better.